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Thank you Marc.

“I have been an employee of Federal Government agency over 17 years. Recently was notified by my HR office that there's no record of my Selective Service Registrations. It was the most shocking news. I felt devastated and hopeless and lost 20 lbs in the last 3 months. After my substantial research, I figured and decided that I needed professional help. I found Marc's website and his case samples for SSS cases. Marc's the only lawyer specialized in this field. I immediately called Marc and after a few phone calls and e-mails my package was completed and ready. It took OPM less than a month approved my case. I probably will gain 20 lbs back now/or maybe not. I am a happy old fed worker. Thank you Marc. I don't think I could have gotten same decision without you.”

– Client

Mr. Marc has the best knowledge and expertise.

“I hired Mr. Marc Smith for OPM waiver for failure to register with selective service system on 31, December 2016. It was the best decision I have ever made for something. Mr. Marc has the best knowledge and expertise on this subject as an attorney. I got OPM waiver for SSS recently. I wish him the best and would like to recommend him for everybody else who are in the similar situation.”

– Client

Marc is an excellent attorney and provided outstanding legal services.

“I retained the services of Marc Smith to help me with a Selective Service registration issue. I have been a Federal employee for 15 years, and it was shocking to me when I was notified there was no record of my registration. My status as a Federal employee was in jeopardy. It was an incredibly stressful time for me. Marc is an excellent attorney and provided outstanding legal services. Marc provided clear guidance and was always very responsive to my phone calls and emails. He quickly put together my package for OPM in just a matter of days, and I was successful. I can't thank Marc enough, and highly recommend Marc to anyone that is in need of legal services for employment issues.”

– Client

I would not hesitate to hire Marc again.

“Although I live on the west coast, I hired Marc Smith because he seemed to have a high level of expertise dealing with federal agencies. It was very easy to work with him remotely. He was clear and focused about following a specific strategy to deal with my exact issue...basically saying "do this right the first time." My case was successful; I was extremely happy with the result. Mr. Smith not only did a great job technically, but he was very kind & understanding along the way, helping me through a stressful situation. And his rates were more than fair. I would not hesitate to hire Marc again, and I highly recommend him.”

– Client

I am incredibly satisfied with my experience with Marc.

“Marc Smith helped me get a waiver for the Selective Service requirement (I did not know to register when I turned 18) so that I could accept a job in the federal government. I found Marc's website and called him frantically when my future employer was ready to rescind my job offer because of the Selective Service issue. Marc seems to be the only lawyer I could find that specializes in this issue. It generally takes 6-8 months for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to review the waiver applications -- and my future employer was not willing to wait that long. Marc told me that his cases generally take 4-6 weeks and he has had over 40 successes (and zero failures). That assurance convinced my future employer to hold my job for a few weeks while I navigated the process with Marc. He was incredibly knowledgeable, ready with a streamlined and perfected strategy, knew all the forms and documents I needed to present a compelling case to OPM. With his help I was able to prepare a 50-page dossier to present to OPM in less than a week from the time I first met with him, including my own 12-page statement that he helped me write and a dozen other signed statements. (He scheduled me in the day after I first called.) He was very responsive throughout the whole process, answering my emails promptly and thoroughly, drawing on the wisdom of his tremendous experience working on these issues. His many contacts at OPM and the Selective Service office were invaluable along the way, helping to expedite the process and make sure my file got in front of the right people. At the end of the day, we were able to get the waiver two weeks after we submitted the application! His fees are very reasonable, especially considering his rare expertise on these matters. I am incredibly satisfied with my experience with Marc and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

– Client

A truly wonderful working experience

“I want to let you know what a fantastic attorney and human being you are! I first found you via the Internet after doing research regarding a possible employment dispute. I called a few other attorneys whose names I also found and you and your firm quickly rose to the top during my analysis. A key distinction right away was your caring, positive attitude and focus on employment issues.

I worked with you for at least nine months on my employment dispute. I came to you with quite a volume of files! You asked me to create a summary presentation so you could understand what had happened and the flow. I found you to be a quick-study and you were able to ‘zero in' on the essential facts. After each of our meetings, you gave me a list of manageable activities I needed to accomplish before our next meeting.

At the same time I engaged your services, I wanted to learn more about what was being discussed. I started to educate myself on employment law as well as a non-attorney can do. I have to admit you were very patient with my questions, and you were good natured with my additional points to consider. I certainly felt that I was assisting my case along.

After many months of research and digging through the material, you prepared a multi-page missive. To read this document, which was so poignant, concise and eloquent was clearly one of the high points of working with you! I immediately felt vindicated no matter what the outcome. However, I do believe it was this exact document, which allowed me to resolve my employment dispute.

I want to thank you for a truly wonderful working experience despite the circumstances. I will certainly go out of my way to recommend your services...

– Client

I STRONGLY recommend him.

“I hired Marc to help file for a waiver with the Office of Personnel Management, he was knowledgeable, professional and candid about what to expect during the process. He outlined how other similar cases had gone, and made the process very easy to understand. We had a very positive outcome on my appeal for a waiver, and could not be more impressed with the level of service Mr. Smith provided. I STRONGLY recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney.”

– Client

I would highly recommend Marc to anyone who needs an employment/labor attorney.

“I retained the services of Mr. Marc Smith when seeking a determination from OPM regarding my eligibility to be employed by the federal government. Marc was a complete professional through the entire process, very easy to work with and prompt with communication. He diligently responded to all my phone calls and emails. Marc's specialized experience was invaluable and he was quickly able to put together a declaration for me to send to OPM. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone who needs an employment/labor attorney.”

– Client

Mr. Smith is a very honest and professional attorney.

“I am very fortunate to know Mr. Smith who helped me to have OPM ruled in favor of my federal employment eligibility regarding my status on failure to register with the Selective Service. Mr. Smith is a very honest and professional attorney, he told me what he could do and what he could not do as an attorney in an initial consultation, an honest opinion. He helped me to draft a letter to OPM and that result in the OPM ruled in favor of my Federal employment. I appreciated it.”

– Client

I highly recommend Marc Smith for his professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness.

“Retaining Marc Smith for my employment discrimination case was a very good decision for me. I was a contract employee terminated as a result of disclosing a medical condition. After discussing my situation with Marc, he helped me understand my rights, the legal recourses available, and chances of success. While working with Marc, I found his firm to be very responsive. I was routinely provided with updates and he worked to ensure that I received a positive outcome for both the immediate and long term. I highly recommend Marc Smith for his professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness.”

– Client

Very professional from the start.

“Very professional from the start. I noticed a sincere interest in what I was going through. May have thought winning the case was slim, but was willing to give every effort to see that I was compensated for all that I had been through. He went over and beyond what I had expected from a lawyer, especially when there were probably larger issues he was dealing with. He was very serious, yet very friendly. Genuinely felt he cared. He got the job done as well, without going to litigation. Thanks Marc!”

– Client

He is very helpful, competent and respectful.

“Mr. Smith did a great job on my selective service waiver request to Office of Personnel Management. It is completely obvious that he is experienced and has great skills on the issue. He is very helpful, competent and respectful. He was the first attorney I worked with and I am completely satisfied with the results. I thank Mr. Smith for helping me through one of the toughest times of my life.”

– Client

Marc is a very attentive, diligent and caring attorney.

“I had a complex issue which was related to my federal employment suitability. I talked to several lawyers and they had no exposure to my issue. That's when I found Mr. Marc Smith who knew exactly what to do about my situation. He made a complex legal issue look so simple. I was amazed at how Marc had studied and documented my complex life story. Marc is a very attentive, diligent and caring attorney.”

– Client