There are numerous complex federal, state and local laws that govern the compensation to which employees are entitled, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (which governs minimum wage and entitlement to overtime compensation), Maryland's and the District of Columbia's Wage Payment and Collection Laws and local county laws that often mandate payment of minimum wage that exceeds federal requirements. These laws impose substantial penalties for non-compliance — the Fair Labor Standards Act imposes nearly mandatory “liquidated damages” (i.e. double damages) and liability for attorney's fees for failure to pay minimum wage or overtime and the laws in Maryland and the District of Columbia are even more punitive. It is imperative that both employers and employees understand their respective rights and obligations with regard to compensation when the employment relationship begins and ends — for example, employees must be properly classified as “exempt” or “non-exempt” for overtime purposes and employers may be responsible to pay commissions long after the conclusion of the employment relationship. From the employer's perspective, wage and hour disputes can be among the most prevalent and costly issues confronting your business.

A substantial part of Marc's practice is devoted to counseling business clients with regard to complex Wage and Hour issues and defending claims in court as necessary. During his legal career, Marc has also successfully handled numerous wage claims on behalf of employees and has often recovered six figure settlements or judgments.

Representation Of Employers And Employees

The Law Office of Marc J. Smith, LLC is a boutique employment law practice based in downtown Rockville, Maryland near the Montgomery County Circuit and District Courts. The Firm’s practice focuses exclusively in the employment law arena and provides counseling, litigation and a wide range of other employment-related services to employers and employees throughout the State of Maryland, Washington D.C. and other jurisdictions. The Firm also represents individuals who have failed to register with the Selective Service System and who are trying to apply for or maintain federal employment.