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Counseling is one of the most important services Marc provides to both his business and individual clients. For employers, informed counseling is a key component to almost every aspect of maintaining a workforce — from establishing policies and procedures that comply with the law, implementing employment agreements that govern the terms and conditions of employment and impose appropriate restrictions on post-employment activities, avoiding pitfalls when hiring, disciplining and terminating employees, properly compensating employees and obtaining other advice geared to avoid costly litigation. Counseling is equally critical for employees in all phases of the employment relationship.

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Employees are well-advised to obtain legal counsel before signing any Employment Agreement, especially those containing non-compete or non-solicitation provisions that could materially affect their ability to work in their chosen field of expertise following their departure. Likewise, employees should seek counsel in the event issues arise during their employment concerning compensation, discrimination, or harassment and in the event there are circumstances calling into question the legitimacy of their termination.